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Fee-Based Asset Management

In today’s increasingly complex marketplace, successful investing requires discipline, know-how, systematic analysis and constant vigilance. You need to have a financial advisor committed to helping you plan for your long-term investment goals. By working with a fee-based advisor, you have the assurance of knowing our goals are the same as your goals – the long-term growth of your assets.

Together we will map out a plan that’s tailored to your risk tolerance and time horizon. Your assets will be allocated carefully and monitored regularly, taking advantage of comprehensive market intelligence, research and comprehensive investment tools.

Strategic Asset Management

Taking advantage of the long-term investment policy of asset allocation, LPL Financial’s SAM Platform enables you to construct portfolios that offer a blend of investments suited to address your personal goals, time horizon and risk profile. Your portfolio may include  stocks, bonds, cash alternatives or a combination of these vehicles to reflect your unique circumstances. You also have the ability to include investments you already own, including long-held performers or sentimental favorites.

Manager Select

A tailored wealth management program, LPL Financial’s Manager Select Platform provides you with access to some of the nation’s leading institutional money managers – expertise that is usually unavailable without extremely high account minimums. Manager Select enables you to invest in a portfolio of individual securities – separately managed by professional, institutional money managers. We will select managers whose investment style and philosophy are most closely in line with your own objectives and risk tolerance.




Third Party Savings